Gotta Flurt® was founded in Los Angeles CA in 2004 by Joanne Motallaro, the designer and brand manager who was from a footwear retail family.

Gotta Flurt’s single mission is to deliver a premium fashionable sneaker with attitude. Born from unique girl’s hip hop dance DNA, Gotta Flurt® stands alone and screams loud among today’s cluttered sneaker brands. With an extensive social media following, Gotta Flurt garners an expansive, youthful, vibrant audience.

Gotta Flurt® was the first brand who brought the fashion sequin sneaker shoes to the U.S. affordable market, Disco and Disco Hi a shinning a bling bling loudest bright sneaker. Disco II and Disco II Hi, ...

April 07, 2021 — Jeffrey Jia

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